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Dr. Peter Amato Ph.D, DNM


Dr. Peter P. Amato received his doctorate degree in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University and is Board Certified In Natural Medicine with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Amato received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition which inspired him to open one of the nation’s first models of Integrative Medicine in 1997.

Dr. Amato, a long-standing and Certified meditation instructor, designed and worked closely with the Department of Education to deliver a stress reduction program (Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction) for 500 elementary school children in the Scranton PA School District. His work was featured at the 11th Annual International Scientific Conference for Clinicians, Researchers, and Educators at the University of Massachusetts in Norwood, MA.

He is also a Yoga Alliance certified 500-hour instructor hence, he founded the Inner Harmony Yoga Institute, taught throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Taught through the tradition of Kundalini yoga, a combination of Hatha and Raja yoga.

Early Career

Dr. Amato’s initial career operating a family chain of automotive companies created an astute business acumen and subsequent wealth at an early age. The material perks were not ultimately sustaining and Peter’s desire to answer life’s bigger questions led him to study with some of the biggest names in the conscious movement. 

Peter’s Life Passion

Interpreting, living and integrating this spiritual realm into daily life continues to be Peter’s strongest and most enduring passion. He is passionate about sharing his life’s research with those in stage two recovery, living life beyond addiction.

Best-Selling Author

He is a successful Los Angeles Times best-selling author, “Soul Silence: A Unique Approach to Mastering the 11th Step” helps clients worldwide with his Inner Harmony Approach.

A commitment to wellness excellence and research

Dr. Amato has provided expert insight toward a Research Study with colleagues from Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, and other prestigious Institutions at the cutting edge of healthcare entitled “Mapping the Emergence of Integrative Medicine ”.  He has worked closely with the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). He designed and instituted a holistic cancer care program using alternative modalities that was proven beneficial to cancer patients. Dr. Amato was the co-founder (with Andrew Weil, M.D.) and past chair of the National Integrative Medicine Council.

Dr. Amato is an international lecturer and presenter who travels extensively. He lectures on such topics as consciousness and culture, wellness and personal growth, engaged spirituality for businesses and the Inner Harmony Approach to Enlightened Living. Additionally, Dr. Amato has conducted and published his research in many peer-reviewed medical journals. He is certified by Jon Kabat-Zin (mindfulness) as well as Deepak Chopra (primordial sound meditation) and has been ordained as a lay Monk in the Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Thich Nhat Hanh.

For nearly two decades

Dr. Amato has worked as a transformational and business consultant with organizations, individuals and groups in four key areas: education, health care, addiction recovery and corporate. Dr. Amato and the Inner Harmony Group have served as consultants on various business models worldwide.

Volunteer work

Dr. Amato volunteered his time as a meditation instructor in the Pennsylvania State Corrections System and received a Distinguished Service integrative Award from the State. In the area of substance abuse rehabilitation centers, he has developed holistic recovery programs for adults and.

He strives to help his private clients understand their mind-body connection, while encouraging them to embrace the spiritual dimension of their lives. The model places a special emphasis on the value of nutrition to achieve optimal health as being integral to the Inner Harmony Wellness Center model.

Inner Harmony Wellness

Realizing that a new model for healthcare was needed, Peter founded and presides over the Inner Harmony Wellness Centers. Devoted to delivering a whole person, whole care, health and wellness model that combines the best of conventional medicine with alternative modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, biofeedback, nutritional assessments and counseling.   

Peter has founded many companies including: Inner Harmony Group and Harmony Spa and Retreat. He was also Managing Partner of Integrative Life Centers. Peter was co-founder and past chair of the National Integrative Medicine Council and has worked closely with the American Cancer Society and the Center for Disease Control.

Peter is an international lecturer who travels extensively. For nearly two decades Peter has worked as a transformational consultant with organizations and groups in four key areas: education, healthcare, recovery and addiction and corporate.

Peter continues to work as a Doctor of Mind Body Medicine & Integrative Health at his practice, Harmony Mountain Center for Well-Being in Pennsylvania, and Inner Harmony Wellness Center in the Caribbean.

Harmony Mountain Institute

The Harmony Mountain Institute was thoughtfully designed to offer the peace and tranquility needed for individuals to leave their daily concerns behind and focus on their own inner work through transformative care, mediation, yoga, bodywork and deep discussion.

Dr. Amato strives to help his private clients, readers and retreat-goers fully understand their mind-body connection, while encouraging them to embrace the spiritual dimension in their everyday life.

By providing the tools to help individuals move beyond their comfort zones in order to achieve deep personal transformation, this transformation requires a Zen and serene environment, away from the chaos of everyday life.

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Once your diet and nutrition are adjusted and you’re eating the right foods to fuel your body effectively; your body’s PH becomes balanced and alkaline; your hormones become balanced; and all chronic infections have been eliminated. This is when you can begin to focus on rejuvenation and anti-aging – the “icing on the cake” so to speak!

Anti-aging by remaining optimized at the cellular level requires ongoing lifelong maintenance. This is done by a combination of all 4 steps as part of the 5-step Process to Optimum Health, and responding to the body’s progress by periodically adjusting nutrition, supplements and diet based on the individual’s, and then re-testing. Whole body rejuvenation, similar to conducting an orchestra, is the individual’s unique and ever-changing nutritional protocol that keeps them in alignment and embodies the homeo-dynamic attainment of whole health.

We approach these methods using immune system modulation. Rejuvenation and anti-aging methods truly work when aimed at harnessing the immune system, systematic detoxification and hormonal optimization; which are the 3 pillars of rejuvenation and form the anti-aging process.

Key organic nutraceuticals are selected by your Harmony Mountain Institute wellness practitioner to nourish your cellular matrix and perform ongoing and comprehensive DNA repair. You see, cellular degeneration is what causes our organs, muscles, even our brains to age and decline. Keeping cells healthy is the focus of anti-aging.

We all know that the food we eat today is not providing us with all the nutrition we need. Why guess about the exact vitamins and minerals your body needs? Come in today for precision nutrition and begin the 5-Step journey today.



The hormone balance of the body is a complex, interactive symphony of different regulating compounds. These hormones are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step of the Inner Harmony Approach is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones.


Detoxifying The Body

While we may not even know it, we face an onslaught of toxins every day. In the past 60 years, we’ve seen more toxins enter our environment than ever before. Toxins lodge in cells, tissues and muscles until your body is completely overwhelmed.

What is the effect of decades of toxins that have been accumulating in each successive generation?

In July 2005 a new study shattered the long-held belief that fetuses in the womb were protected from the dangerous chemicals and poisons that the mother was exposed to. Samples of blood taken from the umbilical cord of newborns contained an average of 200 chemicals that can cause cancer, brain damage, birth defects and other serious illness.

We also know that a fetus inherits the infections (systemic yeast and viral infections) found in his/her mother’s blood. Because each successive generation is inheriting the toxins of the previous generations, we are seeing earlier and earlier cases of diabetes, obesity, ADD, autism, cancers, etc. We believe this missing link of toxicity has led to the worst epidemic of chronic diseases in the history of man that we are currently experiencing in our world.


Most people are chronically ill and don’t even realize its infections caused by diet, lifestyle exposures, food allergies and inflammation (more than 1 in 2 according to the Centers for Disease Control as reported in 2000).

The latest PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA test research at U.C. Irvine and University of Pennsylvania suggests most chronic illness is really due to infection. As a consequence, we list the fourth step to great health for most Americans as the elimination of chronic, often hidden infections.


Restore Alkaline PH

The human body is an indivisible, integrated organism, not a collection of various unrelated parts. We have various mechanisms in your body that work together to maintain a proper pH balance throughout your body.

The acidity or alkalinity of a substance is measured using pH. If your body’s pH varies too much from this ideal, it becomes difficult for various enzymes to function properly. Maintaining this slightly alkaline state is a constant challenge, primarily because of the acid-forming functions that take place within the body, and the overabundance of acid-producing foods we consume. Optimum health begins with diligence toward restoring and maintaining an ideal pH. Over acidity has even been linked to the formation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. PH is something that the Inner Harmony Wellness health program examines and works to improve for every patient.